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Our story

Climate Adaptation Groningen sets a climate-adaptive movement in motion. Movement means changing place, not stagnating. We also want to initiate a shift in mind, soul and hands. This entails creating awareness about the topic of climate adaptation and stimulate the realisation of the necessity of adaptation. We want to encourage youth, citizens, (knowledge) institutions, companies, municipalities, and provinces to put this perspective into practice by actively acting climate adaptively.

In short, we encourage change and movement to provide as many people as possible with a safe, healthy, and happy life.

Climate Adaptation Groningen
Climate Adaptation Groningen is initiated by Akkoord Groningen and the Global Center on Adaptation, in collaboration with National Progamma Groningen. They stimulate awareness and action surrounding climate adaptation. Related to this, the Climate Adaptation Week was held from Tuesday till Monday, 19–25 January 2021. During this week and in the time leading up to it, related events and activities were organised in the city and province.

Climate Adaptation Summit 2021
The year 2020 is the international year of climate adaptation. On 25 January 2021, world leaders were united online during the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS), to connect to specific actions surrounding climate adaptation.

As host cities of the Global Center on Adaptation, both Groningen and Rotterdam organised various activities in the run-up to the Climate Adaptation Summit, including a Climate Adaptation Week (19-25 January 2021).