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The life story of Adenike Oladosu an award winner and an advocate for the restoration of Lake Chad

This speech given by Adenike Oladosu will be about her work as a climate activist and founder of ILeadClimate. She will talk about the restoration of Lake Chad and the importance of acting to climate change in relation to maintaining peace, security and equality in Africa.

Watch her YfCA climate talk here

About Adenike Oladosu

Adenike Oladosu , is an eco-feminist and a climate justice activist. She's the founder of "ILeadClimate" , an award winner and an advocate for the restoration of Lake Chad. Lake Chad is a freshwater body that once supported the livelihoods of around 30 million people across four countries. Climate change has led to it rapidly shrinking, resulting in what the UN calls one of the most unique, complex, and severe humanitarian crises in the world. Born in Nigeria, Adenike earned a first-class degree in Agricultural Economics and is an ambassador for Earth Uprising and African Youth Climate Hub, an initiative of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection. She is also head of the "ILeadClimate" movement for peace, security and equality in Africa, particularly in the Lake Chad region. As part of the "Fridays For Future" (FFF) movement in Nigeria, she shared in the 2019 Ambassador of Conscious award by Amnesty International to Greta Thunberg and the FFF movement in recognition of the youth fight for climate justice.

About ILeadClimate

This organisation founded by Adenike Oladosu aims to showcase the threat of climate change and how it can create political instability in the fight for resources. Their main goal is to campaign for the restoration of Lake Chad and stress the importance of implementing green politics in democratic institutions across Africa.