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Ashneil Jeffers | Young climate expert at BB4CA | Montserrat Caribbean

The Psychological Effects of Climate Change

This speech from Ashneil will present different aspects on intergenerational equity and connecting with multiple actors contributing to climate resilience building. It will further focus on how youth and other stakeholders could work together, to create change based on lessons learnt, knowledge sharing, and through innovative and transformational approaches which will create change at local, national and global level.

Watch his YfCA climate talk here

About Ashneil Jeffers

Ashneil Jeffers is an environmentalist from Montserrat Caribbean. Being born and raised in the Caribbean, he has firsthand knowledge of the present effects of the rising temperatures seeing that we are already over 1 degree Celsius since the industrial revolution began. Armed with this first-hand knowledge and a plethora of experienced gained over the years by frequently representing his country at climate and other socially related events, he loves to share the story of his country and how climate change has already changed the lives of millions of people around the globe.

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