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Carolien Wegman | Consultant at HKV | The Netherlands

Adaptation requires Building with Nature

This speech from Carolien Wegman will be about Building with Nature in the broadest sense. She works at a flood safety bureau (HKV) and in that way she is involved in many flood safety measures around the world. She witnessed that they work better if we really use the natural processes instead of trying to block them.

Watch her YfCA climate talk here

About Carolien Wegman & HKV

I am an earth scientist who has a Masters degree in 'Coastal morphodynamics and River systems'. In my work I focus on the water and sediment movement in natural and semi-natural systems. The organisation I work for is called HKV which is a knowledge-driven flood safety bureau. Next to that I am involved with the EcoShape consortium which is the driver of my Building with Nature and climate adaptation ambitions although these are very much part of the rest of my work at HKV as well.

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