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Climate Adaptation
Week Groningen

2020 is internationally declared as the year of action. This year is intended to bring people together and take joint actions against climate change. On 25 January 2021, world leaders will meet online during the Climate Adaptation Summit to discuss climate adaptation, make agreements and turn to action. As host cities of the Global Center on Adaptation, both Groningen and Rotterdam are organizing various activities, including a Climate Adaptation Week, in the run-up to the Climate Adaptation Summit.


The Climate Adaptation Week Groningen, which will take place from 19-25 January 2021, is part of the movement towards a climate-resilient society. In the run-up to this week, several digital (and, if possible, physical) events, projects and activities will be organized around the topic of climate adaptation. These inspiring events need to raise awareness for both professionals and citizens. The climate activities in Groningen will show the diverse aspects of climate adaptation and specific expertise in the Northern Netherlands.

Activities Climate Adaptation Week

As well as getting on board with activities during the Climate Adaptation Week in 2021, there are also activities you can get involved with in the meantime.


Climate change challenges us to look at our social functions, living environment and public space in a new way.


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Strikes with millions of young people around the world demonstrate the importance of giving them a voice in how we handle that change.


In January 2021, Nobel laureates from various categories, such as Peace and Economy, will be invited to share their views online on the need for climate change adaptation and how to do it.

Along with the activities mentioned above,
other events you can get involved with are:


Everyone can get involved with climate adaptation. Heat, flooding and drought are all consequences of a warmer climate, and a greener environment and smarter use of water helps to deal with these consequences and create a more pleasant society. Remove the stones from your garden so the water can flow away better, build a green roof that cools your home or grow your own vegetable garden. This year we will work with you on climate adaptation! Help to plant trees, make an eco-friendly green space at your school, create a facade garden or contribute to one of the many other activities and projects.


What knowledge do we have in Groningen about climate adaptation? During the Open University, the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the Noorderpoort, the Alfa College and the Global Center on Adaptation join forces to take you into the world of climate adaptation. From practical knowledge to current studies, talk to authors of the IPCC or participate in the Adaptation Challenge by taking action in your area! We are going to share this knowledge worldwide, many areas - particularly in the “Global South” - suffer a lot from the consequences of climate change. Are you going on a trip from home?

The programmes will be announced soon!

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