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Climate Adaptation Week Groningen

The Climate Adaptation Week Groningen will take place 19–25 January 2021. During this week there will be many activities for young and old. Besides, leading up to this week in fall 2020, plenty of online (and physical, if possible) events, projects, and activities related to climate adaptation will be organised as well.

The programme of Climate Adaptation Week is packed with fun, innovative, and inspiring elements. From conferences, lectures, and exhibitions to kids activities, movies, and actions to regreening initiatives.

International year of action

The year 2020 has been named The Year of Action and has had an international focus on climate-adaptive actions. Next year, on 25 January 2021, world leaders will unite online during the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) in Rotterdam to conclude the Year of Action. As host cities of the Global Center on Adaptation, both Groningen and Rotterdam are organizing various activities in the run-up to the Climate Adaptation Summit.

Background information