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Polluted oceans and plastic consumption

As a sailor I spent most of my days on the sea. My speech is about my experience on plastic in the ocean and the actions taken by event organisers to reduce our plastic consumption.

Watch her YfCA climate talk here

About Daphne van der Vaart

“I am a professional sailor aiming for the Olympic games of 2024. Since 2016 I have been a Dutch Wavemaker. This organisation tries to reach the new generation and shares water awareness and knowledge of water management and environment. Together with students I give presentations at school about this topic."

About Dutch Wavemakers

Dutch Wavemakers is a campaign that works under #Talent for Water and Energy as part of ECHT Community. Students, Young Professionals and Athletes with a passion for water and energy form a community and inspire the next generation to take action. Dutch Wavemakers create worldwide water awareness and advocate for a circular economy. Working towards a sustainable future they focus on multiple SDGs, including 4, 6, 7, 13 and especially 14: Life Below Water.

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