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Dhanush Dinesh | Head of Partnerships and Outreach | The Netherlands/ India

Sustaining climate activism in your career | Reflections of a former climate champion

Dhanush has this to say about his speech: "I will offer reflections on my journey over the past decade, from an Young International Climate Champion of the British Council, through to my current role, with a focus on how young people can sustain climate activism in their careers."

Watch his YfCA climate talk here

About Dhanush Dinesh

"I am a business and marketing turned climate change and development professional, passionate about catalysing change in society for a sustainable future. I have been working on climate change issues within the private sector, NGOs, CGIAR and UN systems, in China, India, the Netherlands, Thailand, and the UK over the past 10 years." said by Dhanush Dinesh

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