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Elizabeth Wathuti | Founder of Green generation Initiative | Kenya

The Green Generation Initiative

The speech from Elizabeth Wathuti, Founder of the Green Generation Initiative, will present her journey as a founder of the Green Generation Initiative and her ambition on helping nurture young people to be more environmentally conscious.

Watch her YfCA climate talk here

About Elizabeth Wathuti

She is an award-winning, passionate environmentalist and climate activist from Kenya. Amongst other roles, she is the founder of the Green Generation Initiative (GGI) that nurtures young people to love nature and be environmentally conscious from a young age, and the Head of Campaigns and Daima Coalition for the protection of urban green spaces Coordinator at Wangari Maathai Foundation.

About Green Generation Initiative

The Green Generation initiative is an organisation that encourages young people through education, greening schools, creating food forest establishments, and tree growing. The goal is to motivate youth, especially children to protect their environment by creating a nature first culture in the minds of the youth so that we all have a sustainable future for many generations to come.

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