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Live-event Open University on Climate Adaptation

Open University on Climate Adaptation

When: Friday 22 January 13.00 - 18.00 hrs (CET)
Where: free and online
How it works: to be fully prepared, check this for online instructions
Admission: free, for some workshops you need to register to participate interactively, but you can always watch the program.
Tip: be online in our event 15 minutes in advance, so you know where to go and what to do

Check the full timetable of the Open University and the Youth for Climate Adaptation Conference. You will find there everything in one overview! >>

During Open University on Climate Adaptation on Friday, January 22, we will present a dynamic program full of interactive workshops, Q&As with engaging live speakers, energetic keynotes and digital board games about climate adaptation from 13:00 - 18:00 (CET). Lecturers and professors from Groningen share their knowledge about climate adaptation about how we work together on solutions for the world. Only for the workshops you need to pre-register, you can register here.

Lecturers from Groningen share their knowledge: how can we work together on solutions for the world?

A special contribution comes from the former Secretary-General of the UN: Ban Ki-moon. He will open the Open University on Climate Adaptation from Groningen and launching the knowledge sharing of schools and universities.

Climate Talks

More than 10 pre-recorded videos can be viewed during the Climate Adaptation Week Groningen. We call this the Open University Climate Talks! Would you like to know more about the content of these videos? Then click on the button below!

Registration for specific workshops

Some YfCA and OU workshops have a maximum amount of participants. For these specific workshops, you need to pre-register to make sure you can participate.