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Exhibition Sponsland

Exhibition Sponsland: a journey into Future Landscapes

What: Exhibition Sponsland: a journey into Future Landscapes
When: Thu 19 to Sun 25 January 2021
Where: Online (virtual exhibition) on the Grote Markt
How it works: to be fully prepared, check this for online instructions
Admission: free, no registration necessary
For whom: anyone interested in Groningen, climate and climate adaptation
Acces: Free

NOTE! The physical exhibition will be presented at a later date in 2021

Exhibition Sponsland: a journey into Future Landscapes

The landscape of Groningen is a special landscape: rich and ancient. In this oldest cultural landscape in Western Europe, countless changes are to be expected. Much is related to our changing climate. Summers become drier and hotter, winters become wetter, the sealevel is rising, subsidence and salination takes place and there are greater extremes in river discharge.

Doing nothing is not an option. We need to get in action. But how do we design our landscape in such a way that we adapt to climate change, and also enrich the resilience and beauty of the city and landscape? And what solutions are suitable in this age-old landscape?

Nine landscape architects from the Netherlands and abroad took up the challenge. They sought for climate adaptive solutions at several locations in this unique landscape. All locations are located in a proverbial slice of cake between Schiermonnikoog and Zuidlaren. Roughly located in the flow valley of the Drentse Aa and the Hunze: the rivers that have largely formed Groningen. All landscape types that occur elsewhere in the Wadden region are represented in this pie slice. From clay soils and peat quarries to the sand of the Hondsrug. It is precisely this what makes the cutout so special. Here we can provide a solution or at least an inspiring mindset, not only for this location, but also for other places along the Dutch, German and Danish Wadden coast. And even other deltas in the world can benefit from this.

 The results can be found in the exhibition Sponsland. Sponsland takes you on a journey through a future Groningen and shows a landscape in which nature and culture are in balance. Greener, richer and (even) more attractive.

Visit the exhibition for free from 19 - 25 January

** The official opening (by invitation) will take place on Tuesday January 19, 2021.

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Initiative: gemeente Groningen, provincie Groningen i.s.m. GRAS
Curators: Peter Veenstra, Yttje Feddes 
Participating designers: Bureau B+B stedebouw en landschapsarchitectuur (Water for the city), MORE landscape i.s.m. VE-R (Fresh water for circular agriculture), Flux landscape architecture (The Moving Border), LAMA landscape architects (Self Supporting Island), Agence Ter, Hanzehogeschool, Tredje Natur, West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture, LIST.
Partners and case holders: gebiedscoöperatie Westerkwartier, gemeente Midden-Groningen, Waterbedrijf Groningen, Het Groninger Landschap, Waterschap Noorderzijlvest, Programma naar een rijke Waddenzee, gemeente Het Hogeland, gemeente Schiermonnikoog, Wetterskip Fryslan, Vitens, Rijkswaterstaat, Natuurmonumenten, gemeente Groningen, provincie Groningen
Design and realization: Studio de Ronners, Lambert Kamps Art & Design

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