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Game Time!

Play an exciting board game online and win the race against the Minions of Disruptions!

What: Day of Adaptation board game
When: (1) Thursday 21 Jan, 20.00 - 21.15 uur; (2) Friday 22 Jan, 14.00 - 15.15 uur; (3) Friday 22 Jan, 15.30 - 16.45 uur (CET)
Where: Online (Playground), via live stream

Motivated people and teams need meaningful engagement now more than ever. Game Time is an exciting and unique experience that combines collaboration and learning-by-doing. The game ignites fun and meaningful dialogue about climate change and sustainability that is relevant to your study, work and surroundings. 

During the game , participants form teams to play Minions of Disruptions, a new cooperative board game on climate change and sustainability. In addition, an interactive discussion helps teams reflect on the game interactions. The combination of an exciting game and renewed insights lead to a positive and entertaining experience that transforms how you discuss climate adaptation with each other.

Watch a short video about the activity:

Meet the Minions of Disruptions with a short introduction film:

Benefits for participants

  • Increase shared understanding of climate change and sustainability in tangible ways 

  • Spark innovation and collaboration, and build consensus on complex problems

  • Communicate better for more effective and pleasant cooperation 

  • Contribute to climate action leading to ownership of results

  • Develop support foundation to tackle climate change and sustainability


“We learned a lot, bonded as a team and we now have clearer ideas how we can make a difference. I can recommend this to any team.” - Sander Janse, ABN AMRO

“A fun and valuable learning situation to deal with the time-pressure and complexity while collaborating with others” - Ina Horlings, University of Groningen

“Fun, impressive, learning-by-doing” - Lana Garrels, Gemeente Amsterdam

About Day of Adaptation

Day of Adaptation is a non-profit organization with the mission to empower people and organizations to understand, accept and commit to climate action. We make the topics relevant and entertaining to you. Through participating in our activities, teams and organizations are inspired to take innovative climate action together. Visit our website: dayad.org.