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What is a Global Action Agenda?

The Global Action Agenda is a worldwide call to action, and here at Youth for Climate Adaptation (YfCA), we believe that youth from all over the world need to be heard and included in this widespread discussion on climate adaptation.

In the past, the voices of the youth and their opinions/ideas for the future were not heard or considered and often key figures would represent this whole generation. The discussion around climate adaptation has been a topic that was only talked amongst leaders and experts, without including the youth. That is currently changing.

We Act & Adapt. Will you?

The aim of the GCA (Global Centre on Adaptation) in collaboration with ‘Akkoord van Groningen’ is to create a youth movement worldwide to listen to the ideas that the youth of today have and at the same time inspire others to make an impact.

The goal is to create a platform for this generation to showcase ideas and involve them in the discussion while providing them with the tools to learn and voice their opinions.

Make your opinion count!

Your opinion is very important to make the Global Action Agenda. That is why we have developed a web app, so that you can participate in the discussion about important statements. More information can be found here >>>