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Groningen’s first steps to climate adaptation

This year, Groningen will be devoted to dealing with the effects of climate change, culminating in the Climate Adaptation Week from 19 to 25 January 2021. Groningen is actively committed to stimulating awareness and action on climate adaptation within the city and province in the run-up and during the Climate Adaptation Week.

Climate adaptation is about adapting to the consequences of climate change. The drought, heat stress, salinization and flooding’s are already visible in our province. Groningen citizens are encouraged to act together and to take measures to respond to the consequences of climate change. In addition, Groningen displays itself as an international, knowledge-based and solutions-focused hub in the field of climate adaptation, organising various activities and initiatives to aid climate adaptation.

Act & adapt

Public activities will take place in the second half of 2020, with an emphasis on encouraging citizens to consider the climate-adaptive actions they can take. In addition, an Open University will be organized, in which the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the Noorderpoort, the Alfa-College and the Global Center on Adaptation will join forces to inform those interested in the world of climate adaptation.

The design manifestation already started with an official kick-off. Eight international design agencies are working on four rural and four urban locations in the Northern Netherlands to design various living environments in a climate-proof manner.

Young people are also intensively involved in the project. On 22 January 2021 there will be an international Youth for Climate Adaptation conference, organized by and for youth. During the Climate Adaptation Week, Nobel laureates from different categories, such as Peace and Economy, are invited to share their views on the need for climate adaptation and how to do it.


Via the website, the city and province of Groningen shows itself to the world through the many climate initiatives, projects and activities that are taking place in the field of climate adaptation. Groningen thus aims to initiate the first step towards a positive climate-adaptive movement. Investing as a region in climate adaptation is important. Regional awareness is stimulated and Groningen has the opportunity to be of international value with its knowledge and expertise. Through the Climate Adaptation Week, Groningen also prepares its inhabitants for possible disruptions in our society and how to deal with them. An investment in a more resilient Groningen.

Climate Adaptation Summit 2021

The international Climate Adaptation Summit will take place on 25 January 2021. During this Summit, world leaders will come together (online) to commit themselves to concrete actions concerning climate adaptation. As co-hosting city of the Global Center on Adaptation, Rotterdam is also organizing various activities around climate adaptation in the run-up to the Summit.

The Groningen Climate Adaptation Week is being organised by the Akkoord van Groningen and the Global Center on Adaptation, in collaboration with Nationaal Programma Groningen.