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Guerilla Art on Climate Adaptation Minerva students take action to address climate adaptation during the pandemic!

Students from Academy Minerva organized a series of interactive workshops as part of their final exhibition for the Offcourse Guerilla Art on Climate Adaptation. The course was part of the Innovation Workplace (IWP) on Climate Adaptation of Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. The IWP is initiated in collaboration between Research Center Art & Sustainability and Research Center Built Environment NoorderRuimte.

This course brought together students from different nationalities and backgrounds of graphic design, illustration, fine art, interior architecture and product design developing projects addressing the issue of climate adaptation from the perspective of artists. Creating awareness and showing the importance of art and design in addressing climate adaptation. How do we handle the changing climate and how can we adapt ourselves to what is coming? The final presentation was an experiment of visuals and active workshops online with an audience from all over the world.

Screenshot from the online event on the 26th of June

Art has the power to raise questions. Art is the provocateur to act towards change. The art students developed guerilla art projects in these times of pandemic. In times of quarantine isolations, students were faced with the challenge to address such an important issue and engage the viewer online. Throughout their artistic process the students developed their ideas from art pieces to interactive online workshops to boost action. During the online event on the 26th of June you could make your own activist figure and place your message somewhere in the city, create your own living environment at home, address climate adaptation through music, and a lot more. You can view examples of the students’ work below.

The projects that the students developed will be featured during the Climate Adaptation Week Groningen, where you can follow one of the workshops, join the movement, and take action together! Call it art, vandalism or an intervention, but actions speak louder than words!

Teachers of the course: Gabriela Milyanova and Gerda Jonker
Students: Lottie Brignall, Rok Černezel, Aaron Healy, Aleksandra Zima, Laura Kłopocka, Hong Zhu and Julia Rood

EXTRA: The students also created their own music during the event that can be heard here.The project is called “Sounds of Change by Rok Černezel.”

Climate Crisis by Lottie Brignall
“Corner of Shame” by Aleksandra Zima