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Hanze University starts the ninth climate-resistant design location in the city as part of the climate adaptation design exhibition

Climate Adaptation Groningen has started the climate adaptation design exhibition. During this design exhibition, design agencies work on solutions for different locations, both urban and rural areas, that are under pressure because of climate change.

Since the kick-off in May, the climate adaptation design exhibition has become a topic of interest for several parties. Also the Hanze University of Applied Sciences participates with an enthusiastic design team of students and researchers. They can’t wait until they can apply their knowledge and skills. There is no place better to start implementing these ideas as in their own work and study environment: along the Reitdiep, with the focus on the Zernike Campus. Therefore, enough reason to complement the design challenges for the climate adaptation exhibition of this area together with the Reitdiep-area.

Rob Roggema, landscape architect and lector Spatial Transformations, explains that ‘we see that there are already various projects being executed on the Zernike Campus that improve climate-resilience.’ He adds: ‘For example, there are already some climate-adaptive solutions implemented in the climate garden, such as paving with permeable asphalt and replacing pavement with green. However, a lot more can be done. With the location of the Reitdiep and the connection that the Zernike Campus forms between the urban area of the city -via Paddepoel and with the surrounding area of the Reitdiepdal – we want to focus on creating a design which makes the Zernike Campus more climate-adaptive and attractive. For this idea, we mainly look at the possibilities of growing local foods and the possible influence of salinisation. That is why we gladly accept this challenge to design Zernike and its surrounding areas in a resistant way to be prepared for the ever-changing climate.’

A design team of researchers and employees of the Kenniscentrum Noorderruimte and Minerva Art Academy will embark on this project, led by Rob Roggema. The aim is to take real action and not only do the planning. For this reason, there will be a close collaboration with the municipality of Groningen.

In January 2021, the results from the design exhibition will be presented during the Climate Adaptation Week Groningen.

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