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Act & adapt

The world’s greatest challenge of the 21st century: climate change. We all notice it. Flooding, heat, drought and salinization are the main effects of a changing climate and have a growing impact on our daily lives. What do we need to do about it? And how can we do this? It is important that we make our own living environment resistant to these effects. We need to adapt to the changing climate, also known as climate adaptation. Together we can create a better and climate-proof living environment, for this and future generations.

Adaptation means adjusting. Climate adaptive solutions are solutions that help us adjust and keep our own living environment safe and livable.



Groningen, together with neighbouring provinces, is working hard on internationally applicable climate-adaptive solutions. We do this together. Together with municipalities, provinces, companies, (knowledge) institutions and equally important: individual citizens.

Climate Adaptation Week Groningen

The Climate Adaptation Week Groningen, which will take place from 19 – 25 January 2021, is part of the movement towards a climate-proof society. In the run-up to this week, several digital (and, where possible, physical) events, projects and activities will be organized.

Citizen actions

Everyone can contribute to making and keeping their own living environment climate-proof. The measures are often simple, due to small adjustments around your own house and garden. Roughly speaking, more greenery and fewer tiles means a more climate-resistant environment. For example, you could collect rainwater or start your own vegetable garden! Click below for more examples to get started yourself.

Regional projects

The Northern Netherlands is developing itself as a climate-adaptive region. This means, among others initiatives, that climate-adaptive living labs are being created. Living labs are innovations that can be tested and improved in the ‘real’ world. Read more about these developments and other solid solutions.

A little
every day

This website provides insight into innovative initiatives already happening in Groningen, as well as projects currently in development, what we have planned for 2020 and examples of actions you can initiate at home to create a better living environment for yourself and the people around you. Every single action helps to get a step closer to a climate-proof living environment.

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