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Explore the climate adaptation capabilities and challenges of a city where water is part of everyday life

This speech will explore the climate adaptation capabilities and challenges of a city where water is part of everyday life.

Watch his YfCA climate talk here

About Huckleberry de Haas

Huck has been interested in water his whole life and has specialized in Water Resources Engineering with a MSc at the TU Delft. With the Dutch Wavemakers he is active as an ambassador to motivate young children and introduce them to this fascinating field. In educational and professional contexts, he has been active in Europe, Africa and Asia. Where he has developed a specialism in water security, flood risk and water modeling. Through these experiences he has gained a unique insight into the different approaches towards climate adaptation and a good sense of what works on the ground.


“What strikes me as a necessary quality is the willingness and resilience of the people who are faced with the burdens of climate change. If the intrinsic attitude is positive and willing, the results of adaptation or mitigation measures are considerably more successful. Basing the envisioned adaptation actions on research and data is a good starting point. But it should not be forgotten to cooperate with the eventual beneficiary communities to integrate the measures in a productive way.”

About Dutch Wavemakers

Dutch Wavemakers is a campaign that works under #Talent for Water and Energy as part of ECHT Community. Students, Young Professionals and Athletes with a passion for water and energy form a community and inspire the next generation to take action. Dutch Wavemakers create worldwide water awareness and advocate for a circular economy. Working towards a sustainable future they focus on multiple SDGs, including 4, 6, 7, 13 and especially 14: Life Below Water.

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