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How to use our online event portal

The event portal is now open. You can easily get here via our website Klimaatadaptatiegroningen.nl and open it in Google Chrome. When you enter our event portal you change into a BEE. As BEE you can easily fly around, looking for live events, inspiring videos, interesting talks, active workshops or you can land in 'the Treehouse' or on the 'Playground' while buzzing.


  1. Enter the online event portal in Google Chrome (to give you the best experience).

  2. Here you can navigate - as a BEE! - with your arrow keys or by clicking on the round key in your screen and move around that way. Try it out, get comfortable with it and explore all the content we’ve developed in this tiny version of Groningen.

  3. Once you’re ready to dive into the content, here’s what you need to know. In the background you can find an overview of our program for any given day. This is updated for every day of the Climate Adaptation Week Groningen. In this helpful overview, you can check out what activities are happening on a given day and where in our virtual city you can find this activity. 

  4. To enter the event you want to visit, click on the event in the program/schedule and you will go there immediately.

  5. Want to have more fun? Find the location of your chosen activity yourself by navigating with your arrow keys or with the round key on your screen. You can fly into alle the buildings an click enter to visit the content in there.

  6. IMPORTANT: If you want to take a better look at a video or content, make sure to double click it to get it to full screen.

  7. Each location has a lot of space to explore. Take a look in the rooms, hallways, squares and even forests we’ve set up. You’ll find various live and pre-recorded videos, links to workshops or panels and fun games, network chats and many other activities. 

  8. If everything’s right, you should be able to see bees flying around in most places. These are other people moving through the portal along with you, say hi!

  9. For now, have fun and learn something while you’re here. And remember: if you ever feel lost, click on 'BACK' or open up the support chat to ask questions to our tech team and we’ll come flying to your aid!

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Art director: Roger Muskee
Builders: Oostblok