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Interesting reads!

The world is changing and we here at YfCA compiled a list of articles that will inspire you to act and adapt while informing what is going on around you. After browsing the web and skimming through a lot of information, we've found some very interesting articles that relate with our cause and highlight the importance of our beloved planet earth. These articles are published by trusted sources of information in relation to climate change and adaptation and the facts they release are backed by case studies and experiments that have been carried out.


This article was written by NASA Climate, it gives an overview in the beginning of the climate change problem we are currently facing. There are two given solutions to it which are Climate Mitigation and Climate Adaptation; although these two solutions sound very similar, they have a completely different approach when it comes to solving the problem which the article will further explain. NASA is one of the most known and reliable sources of information especially when it comes to the topic of climate change and the facts they provide concerning it. Click here to read the full article!

This article published on 20 October 2020 stresses the importance of climate adaptation solutions and how scientists are struggling to find long term solutions to prevent the loss of arctic ice. In specific, this read shows the importance of timing and acting on time to prevent the disappearance of the ice which is estimated to be gone by 2042, according to scientists worldwide. Click here to read the full article!

This interesting article is about a recent study into the relation between climate change and tsunamis. Published on the 18th of October 2020, the study shows that there's a connection between the collapsation of mountains and permafrost which hold them together in cold regions where global warming is present. Furthermore, indicating that global warming which affects the permafrost which hold the structures of these mountains in colder areas may cause potential tsunamis in the future. Click here to read the article!

CNN Climate is also one of the most reliable sources of information concerning the climate, they have many different articles on what is happening in the world and how we got to this point over the years. They have amazing visuals to support the messages they are trying to send including separate sections for, latest news, climate change signs and solutions and many other interesting parts. Click here to read the full article!

This article tells the story of a Dutch student who went to Greece for a diving trip and instead of seeing fish he said he was only surrounded by plastic, he quickly realized that one of the biggest challenges his generation will face is issues concerning the environment. His way of helping was to plan and start the first ever ocean cleanup project, to be able to achieve this goal that seems very far fetched at a scale that big he needs to first test it in smaller scales such as rivers and lakes. Click here to read the full article!