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Lodewijk Schulte | Dutch Wavemaker & Student Hydrology | The Netherlands

The inner connection with our local natural environment

Lodewijk finished the bachelor Water management in Rotterdam. His passion for water and rivers, and the urge to get a better understanding of the future environmental and climatological issues motivated him to follow the MSc Hydrology at the VU in Amsterdam.

Watch his YfCA climate talk here

About Lodewijk Schulte

Lodewijk was born and raised close to the Merwede, a large river in the Netherlands. The connection he feels with this River is strongly present. But nowadays he has the impression that we are being cut off more and more from this feeling with the local natural environment. He believes this deeper connection is the fundament for the person you have become and more importantly, that a strong connection with this natural environment is the absolute basis for efficient Nature and climatological conservancy. In his speech, he wishes to dive a bit deeper into this subject with you.

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