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Vision on climate adaptation

On 22 January 2021, Nobel laureates from various categories, such as Peace and Economy, come to Groningen to share their views on the need for climate change adaptation and how to do it.

Examples of subjects are: the influence of increasing drought on migration and peace, how the costs of climate investments relate to their returns, and what does climate change mean for the way we live and our behaviour? Nobel Laureates will give insight into the outline of the problem and provide solutions.

Presentations and lectures

In addition to Nobel Laureates, international climate scientists from the UN Climate Panel Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are invited to explain the solutions to deal with climate change that science is offering. These online presentations are followed by lectures of researchers from Groningen in which they talk about Groningen's research into climate solutions

Debate with young people

During the statements and presentations by Nobel Laureates and Groningen scientists, the opportunity rises for debate with young people. Young people will share their views, questions and concerns about the challenges to and solutions for climate change with laureates and scientists.