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Online festival Climate Adaptation Week strengthens Groningen as an international knowledge and solution hub for climate adaptation

GRONINGEN - Between Tuesday 19 and Monday 25 January, more than 5,000 visitors attended the online festival Climate Adaptation Week Groningen. The changing climate and its consequences were the main topics of the week. Online visitors were able to participate actively. In addition, important international climate reports were presented and the Climate Adaptation Week is the starting point of a multi-year policy on climate adaptation, as the new central spearhead of Groningen.

The Climate Adaptation Week offered a broad program, with something for everyone. All this took place in virtual Groningen, where visitors could attend the program in an online Forum, Martini Church or Grote Markt. Climate adaptation will be higher on the agenda in Groningen in the coming years. Councillor Glimina Chakor (Green & Climate Adaptation): 'Climate adaptation is one of the spearheads of the municipality of Groningen. During the Climate Adaptation Week, a lot of knowledge was shared about climate change and what we can do to tackle its consequences. Moreover, we have put Groningen on the map as an international knowledge and solutions hub for climate adaptation, a position that we want to develop further in the coming years.' Nienke Homan, deputy of Climate, continues: 'We all have to adapt to the rapidly changing climate. Groningen can act as a knowledge and solution hub for climate adaptation. With our unique combination of education and practical application, we can show what is possible: act and adapt.'

The four main substantive deliverables from the Groningen Climate Adaptation Week:

1. The "Groningen Scientific Declaration" from science - Five Nobel Prize Laureates presented the "Groningen Scientific Declaration" in Groningen, which was signed by 3,000 scientists from over more than 100 countries. The scientists call on world leaders to make more money available to adapt countries and communities to the consequences of climate change. The amount that countries worldwide spend on this must increase five to ten times to a maximum of 300 billion dollars. This is stated in the State and Trends in Adaptation report.

2. Global Action Agenda by youth -Young people from more than 115 countries presented a call to action among government leaders on Friday entitled "Adapt for our Future" to former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Important international principles for the youth are the provision of universal education, expansion of economic opportunities for young people and a strengthening position for the most vulnerable young people.

3. Regional Action Agenda by youth - Young people from the Northern Netherlands presented the Regional Action Agenda. In this report, youth - ambassadors of Youth for Climate Adaptation - illustrates 7 recommendations to municipalities, provinces and water boards. Among other things, they are committed to more citizen participation and more climate (adaptation) in policy and education.

4. Manifesto for climate-adaptive design - Nine (inter)national design agencies presented a joint manifesto with 10 principles for successful, climate-proof design solutions. Architects must be involved earlier and more in the process and contribute integrally to solutions. The manifesto was supported by Henk Ovink, Water Envoy of the Netherlands and George Brugmans, director of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

About Climate Adaptation Groningen & CAS 2021
Climate Adaptation (Week) Groningen is initiated by the Global Center on Adaptation and the Akkoord van Groningen - consisting of the Province of Groningen, the Municipality of Groningen, University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Alfa College, Noorderpoort and UMCG - and in collaboration with the National Program Groningen. The week ended with the international Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 (CAS 2021), on January 25 and 26. During this climate summit, world leaders such as Angela Merkel, Ban Ki-moon and UN-secretary General Guterres gathered to launch a broad Adaptation Action Agenda with climate solutions and plans up to 2030. More information via cas2021.com.

Replay events of the Climate Adaptation Week Groningen? Visit https://klimaatadaptatiegroningen.nl/en/terugkijken