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Rob Roggema | The Cassandra-principal

Why are we as humans so bad at listening to warnings?

About Rob Roggema

Since 2009, Rob Roggema is a lecturer in Spatial Transformations at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. He is a landscape architect and an internationally renowned design expert in the field of sustainable urban planning, climate adaptation, energy landscapes and urban agriculture. He held positions at various universities in the Netherlands and Australia, provinces and municipalities and design firms. Rob has developed the Swarm Planning concept, a dynamic way of designing cities prepared for future climate change. Rob focuses his research on resilient, adaptive and circular urban design.

About his OU Climate Talk

The future is by definition uncertain. We do not know what will happen in five or twenty years. We don't know how life and the planet will be. We must learn to listen to the Cassandras of our time and adapt to possible changes.

Watch his OU Climate Talk here