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Solongo Otgonbayar | WYN

This speech will be about how Mongolian nomads and one of the world’s biggest grassland is affected by climate change.

Watch her YfCA climate talk here

About Solongo Otgonbayar

Solongo Otgonbayar serves as an environmental officer for several years in Mongolia, aiming to solve environmental issues. In her free time, she actively leads or engages in volunteering several environmental projects locally and globally. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from National University of Mongolia. She used to spend a lot of time outside the city at her grandparents’ place where she grew fond of nature.

Solongo holds a BSc in Chemistry from National University of Mongolia. After her graduation, she started working as an environmental officer at an environmental consulting company. As part of her job, she consults companies, projects or organizations regarding the environmental impact their undertakings will make. Apart from her work, her passion for the environment urged her to be selected for an Environmental Fellowship Program in Mongolia. She had an opportunity to become the member of the largest leading groups of 300 members all over Mongolia who have the same passion as her. As an active member of the alumni group, she leads the team to organize an Earth Hour Mongolia movement for three years in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund Mongolia. Every year, she attempts to bring up different environmental issues that we are facing in Mongolia and raise awareness about climate change and how our little actions together could bring big changes in our environment by promoting green actions campaigns. She has been a member of the Governance group at Water Youth Network since August 2020. In climate talks, she will talk about Climate change experience as a nomad and what youths in Mongolia are doing about adapting to climate change.

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