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Intergenerational Equity: Building Resilience Together | Youth for collective action and change

The speech from Vositha Wijenayake, Executive Director SLYCAN Trust, will present different aspects on intergenerational equity, with a focus on multiple actors contributing to climate resilience building. It will further highlight on how youth and other stakeholders could work together, to create change, and scale up action based on lessons learnt, knowledge sharing, and through innovative and transformational approaches which will create change at local, national and global level, including policy interventions such as Nationally Determined Contributions, and National Adaptation Plans.

Watch her YfCA climate talk here

About Vositha Wijenayake

Vositha is an attorney-at-law specialising in public international law, with a focus on international environmental law, UN human rights law, refugee law and EU law. She has over a decade of experience in working on climate change, at national and international level. Vositha is a member of the national expert committee on climate change adaptation of the Ministry of Environment Sri Lanka, and has worked as the national expert on vulnerability and adaptation measures for the Third National Communication of Sri Lanka to the UNFCCC. She has also been a delegate for the government of Sri Lanka, negotiating on the issues related to compliance, adaptation, loss and damage, gender and action for climate empowerment. Vositha contributes to the NAP Technical Working Group under the UNFCCC, and is a member of the Expert Group on Oceans and Climate Change under the Nairobi Work Programme of the UNFCCC. She co-chairs the Impacts Working Group of the Insuresilience Global Partnership, and her most recent research includes work on national adaptation plans, the NDC review process, and climate induced migration and displacement in countries in Asia and Africa.

About SLYCAN Trust

SLYCAN Trust is a non for profit think tank which focuses on climate change, sustainable development, ecosystem and biodiversity conservation and restoration, and social justice related issues. SLYCAN Trust’s work focuses on thematic areas related to climate change adaptation, resilience building of vulnerable communities and ecosystems, at research and policy level, as well as ground level. The organisation’s projects include national, regional and international level actions, and SLYCAN Trust’s research and policy related work presently focuses on Asia and Africa especially on NDCs and NAPs, resilience to climate change and the impacts, climate-induced migration and displacement. SLYCAN Trust focuses also on multi-actors partnerships, and stakeholder engagement in policy and decision making processes, especially youth, women and vulnerable communities. The organisation contributes and is a member of many programmes and working groups under the UNFCCC process including the NAP Technical Working Group, and the Nairobi Work Programme.

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