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Climate adaptation:
an urgent matter

Climate adaptation is taking measures to respond to the consequences of climate change. Changes that we already notice are sea levels rising, salinization, more peaks in flooding due to downpours, more hot days and heat stress in cities. These effects have major consequences for the lives of both humans and animals. It is important to take action on this. By taking measures now you limit high costs and (economic) damage in the future.

With the 1 degree increase, we already see many countries, both developing and developed countries, struggle with the consequences of climate change. This means that if we continue “business as usual” we have to adapt to climate change and prevent populated areas from flooding, heat stress or ecological hazards. This means we need to take action to make our living environment climate-proof.


The toughest challenges precipitate in already vulnerable countries. Climate adaptation solutions should not only be technically feasible but also economically and societal acceptable in different circumstances. In this perspective, there is still a need for knowledge and experience on feasible solutions.

We need to take action to make our living environment climate-proof.


Climate change can mean high costs if we don't adapt. A well-known example is the damage caused by extreme flooding or the healthcare costs caused by health problems when heat stress also increases. This is especially true for vulnerable groups, such as the elderly. In addition, climate change can lead to changing biodiversity or agricultural production.


There has been a lot of positive action among people who want to act on climate change mitigation and adaptation. In particular, youth groups around the world have shown a level of enthusiasm leading to a variety of initiatives, actions and manifestations to tackle the issue. Furthermore, scientists, entrepreneurs and policy makers are striving for more knowledge and solutions.


Every individual can contribute to a climate-proof environment. Act now, and start today with small-scale measures in your own environment. Even the smallest adjustments makes a world of difference.
Would you like to know more about initiatives and actions related to climate adaptation? Take a look at the Global Center on Adaptation.

For more in-depth information, read the Adapt Now report from Global Commission on Adaptation.

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