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Adapt now: a global call for leadership on climate resilience

The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is looking for solutions for climate adaptation at both local and international level (and everything in between). In collaboration with the public and private sector, we can learn from each other and work on further improving climate adaptation for a climate-proof future. The report ‘A GLOBAL CALL FOR LEADERSHIP ON CLIMATE RESILIENCE’ provides insight into the current state of developments at an international level and what still needs to be done to achieve the goals.

The Global Commission on Adaptation was originally founded by the Netherlands and currently (2020) consists of 19 other countries. This growing number of participating countries supports the Commission in its mission to develop a bold strategic vision to accelerate climate adaptation.

This report from the commission focuses on advocating for climate adaptation and provides specific insights and recommendations on related themes such as food security, the natural environment, water management, cities and urban areas, infrastructure, disaster risk management and finance funding. It has been designed to inspire decision-makers including heads of state and government officials, mayors, business leaders, investors and community leaders. It is also intended as a call-to-action to tackle climate adaptation.